Monarch Tree Photography | About
My goal as an artist is to capture memories for my clients and for myself. The beauty of photography is in my ability to stop time and give you the ability to take an intangible moment, turn it into reality and hold it forever. Monarch Tree Photography is all about helping you capture those fondest memories.

When I was a kid, every spring my “Papa” would take me to this pecan tree to see the monarch butterflies as they migrated north. Butterflies filled the tree creating what looked like thousands of blooms. Those moments in time became memories I wanted to last forever.

Every client has “monarch butterflies” in their lives. These are special moments and events important for you to freeze forever. These are pieces of a very special story about your life, your family and the people you love and care about. Nothing is more important than the trust my clients put in me and my camera to capture those priceless moments so you can remember them for a lifetime.

-Jessica Babarskas

Jessica is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.